Corn and ethanol groups promoting E85 in off-road vehicles


Corn and ethanol groups promoting E85 in off-road vehicles

The Missouri Corn Growers Association has partnered with the Renewable Fuels Association on a campaign to educate off-road vehicle owners about the benefits of E85 fuel.

RFA’s Robert White tells Brownfield the investment allowed them to help create a custom Can-Am X3 side-by-side that runs on E85 and showcase it on the TV show Hauk Machines.

“We want to show the audience the power and performance of ethanol, especially at E85 levels and also to teach the audience the benefits of ethanol in general.”

He says E85 is a fuel that doesn’t get a lot of recognition but offers many benefits to performance off-road vehicles.

“From horsepower, additional torque, and lower temperatures for the engine. So, in the performance world those are all of the right benefits, and at the same time it can be upwards of $10 per gallon cheaper than a lot of the race fuels that are out there.”

The vehicle and promotion will be featured in Season 4 of Hauk Machines, which White says is scheduled to air in the coming weeks.