CHS bracing for long-term fertilizer impacts


CHS bracing for long-term fertilizer impacts

The nation’s largest agricultural cooperative is bracing for long-term impacts caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

CHS president Jay Debertin says global fertilizer production will be limited for at least the duration of the war.

“Most places are in pretty good shape for fertilizer coming into spring. But the question is going to be what role does Russia have for fertilizer supply going forward? And I think it’s very much a question right now.”

He tells Brownfield with so many unknowns, one certainty is fertilizer supplies will be challenged.

“And maybe worse, but we’ll see how that goes. Again, for spring the prices (are) high but supply is there. So how do we think about it going forward is the question.”

Debertin says supply chains will adapt, but that takes time.