Congress members fight anti-mink farming amendment in COMPETES Act


Congress members fight anti-mink farming amendment in COMPETES Act

Eleven members of Congress are trying to have some anti-farming language removed from legislation that is supposed to create a more competitive trade balance with China. 

Congressman Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin says the MINKS Amendment to the COMPETES Act (House Resolution 4521) would amend the Lacey Act to prohibit the purchase, sale, or transportation of farmed minks. 

In a letter to House Natural Resources Committee members, eleven Congress members say American mink are highly prized on the world market and making this change would be a disservice to agriculture and American family farms.  They also say banning mink operations is incompatible with the COMPETES Act since many US mink pelts are exported to China.

Tiffany says if the MINKS amendment is not defeated, it would make mink farming illegal nationwide.  Fur Commission USA says the top U.S. mink producer by far is Wisconsin, with Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Minnesota rounding out the top five.

Mink populations were heavily impacted in 2020 since they are very susceptible to the COVID 19 virus.

The Members of Congress signing onto the letter include:

Tom Tiffany, Bryan Steil, Glenn Grothman, and Scott Fitzgerald from Wisconsin,

Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson from Idaho

Chris Stewart, Blake Moore, and Burgess Owens from Utah

Mike Kelly and Fred Keller from Pennsylvania