National FFA president visits Iowa FFA Convention


National FFA president visits Iowa FFA Convention

The National FFA president says to get where he is, just say “yes.” 

National FFA president Cole Baerlocher encourages members who aspire to be a national officer to say yes to every opportunity the organization presents.

“That is what I feel you need to do is just continue to show that dedication for our organization, and not to be afraid to fall down every now and then, to fail. Because that’s what is going to make you stronger in the long run, as long as you pick yourself up and keep striving.”

Speaking to Brownfield at the Iowa FFA Convention in Ames Monday, he says there’s no wrong way to be an FFA member.

“However you choose to experience our organization is beneficial (and) has an impact not just on you but the people around you. So that would be my advice is just continue to say yes to the opportunities that our organization has to offer, and to look for every single opportunity to grow. Because when you do, the potential that you have as a member is endless.”

Baerlocher is from southeastern Washington and is pursuing a career in agriculture communications.