MMPA chair supports FMMO modernization


MMPA chair supports FMMO modernization

Michigan Milk Producers Association members are closely following potential changes to the Federal Milk Marketing Order system.

Chairman Doug Chapin tells Brownfield he believes the National Milk Producers Federation is working to modernize the system into one that works for all farmers.

“They want to really help the producers, they want to really put some clarity to it, and they want something that can actually carry the industry forward,” he says.

He says while the Class I mover has been a sticking point, there’s an opportunity to think broader and let regional issues be solved more locally. 

Pricing reform along with green energy and incorporating solar on dairy farms were main policy focus areas during the co-op’s recent 106th annual meeting.

Chapin says members also heard more about the acquisition of Superior Dairy in Ohio and recognized young and long-term members.