Get on top of weeds early


Get on top of weeds early

Photo courtesy United Soybean Board

An Enlist herbicide specialist encourages growers to get ahead of weeds.

Steve Snyder tells Brownfield their product is labeled for weeds up to six-inches.

“That’s about as tall as a ball-point pen, so that’s not very tall. And some of our tank-mix partners prefer 4 inches or smaller weeds, so you just want to get out there early and if you need to come back again later you sure can with Enlist (because) we have a long application window.”

He says small weeds are much easier to manage.

“Make sure you’re trying to get either clean tillage or you’re going to have a good burndown, so you’ve got zero weeds out there when you’re planting. But then use a good pre-emerge residual-type herbicide.”

Snyder recommends a “program approach” to weed control that features pre and post applications and multiple herbicide sites of action.