Farmer says input availability remains a concern


Farmer says input availability remains a concern

Many farmers are concerned about the availability of ag inputs as the planting season approaches.

Western Indiana Kevin Cox grows corn and soybeans in Clay and Parke counties

“It’s a big challenge right now from the fact that we have a plan. There are products we want to use, there are rates we want to use, and we have experience with those and they’ve performed well for us in the past,” he says.

He tells Brownfield his crop input supplier has said some products may not be available.

“I’ve never experienced so much of a challenge trying to get the normal products we use,” he says. “My crop input supplier made the comment, ‘I’ll be able to get you the input products that you need to put your crop in, it just may not be what you want.’”

Cox says it will be critical to be flexible this season.