Feed costs have more farmers looking at options


Feed costs have more farmers looking at options

The high cost of corn and soybeans has dairy and some beef producers looking at ration changes. 

Geno Brueggen with Alforex Seeds tells Brownfield farmers and their nutritionists are looking to cut feed costs. “For the guy with cows and feeding cattle, they’re looking at reducing input costs, so these guys are coming to us this year wanting quality alfalfa with a lot of tonnage, and we have very good highly-digestible alfalfa that’s got a lot of protein.”

Brueggen says farmers are trying to bring up that protein level so they can use little or no expensive soybean meal in the cattle rations. “Alfalfa is quite economical, I mean, you’re going to get a lot of tonnage out of it. With soybean prices the way they’re going to be, alfalfa is a really good alternative. If you have good quality, it’s a good alternative to reduce your costs.”

Brueggen says there’s an uptick in sales for quality alfalfa seed, and most existing alfalfa stands look good with almost no winterkill.

Brownfield interviewed Brueggen during the WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.