Corn, soy delegates set policy


Corn, soy delegates set policy

Delegates from the National Corn Growers Association and the American Soybean Association set policy at the conclusion of the 2022 Commodity Classic. 

NCGA Chairman John Linder of Ohio says delegates spent their time at the 2022 Commodity Classic outlining their road for the future.  “We put out our sustainability goals and some folks are looking for the pathways to find the incentives and the expertise and get it to the farmers as quickly as possible,” he says.  As the Biden administration works to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he tells Brownfield the association wants to ensure there’s a level playing field.  “To make the conversation fair and equitable between all forms of transportation and all forms of energy to provide that transportation,” he says.  

AUDIO: John Linder, NCGA

ASA president Brad Doyle of Arkansas says the 2023 Farm Bill is a priority for their membership. And having a strong safety net is key. “Soybeans are covered by crop insurance on about 90 percent in the US,” he says.  “This is very vital to the industry and farmers need that protection.  There are so many risks involved with planting soybeans and other crops as well.”

AUDIO: Brad Doyle, American Soybean Association