Senator remains concerned about Biden WOTUS plan


Senator remains concerned about Biden WOTUS plan

With America focused on energy and inflation, a Senator from North Dakota has not lost sight of a potential Biden administration policy problem for farmers and ranchers. 

Republican John Hoeven was highly critical of President Biden going backward on the Waters of the U.S. rule in the Clean Water Act. He says America can’t have regulations like WOTUS coming back. “You remember the whole WOTUS issue under the Obama administration. We fixed that under the Trump administration. We get something that respects private property rights, and now, the Biden administration pulls that back and they want to go right back to the Obama version.”

Hoeven says changes to WOTUS can impact the supply chain and the ability to produce food and energy. “That hits our farmers four square in terms of what they’re trying to do out there. That hits our energy producers. That drives up costs. That restricts our ability to produce more food and more energy.”

Hoeven made his comments during a Republican Senate press conference on inflation and energy Thursday.