South Dakota farm impacted by HPAI


South Dakota farm impacted by HPAI

South Dakota officials are overseeing the depopulation of a mixed poultry operation after high-path avian influenza was confirmed over the weekend.

Dr. Mendel Miller is the Assistant State Veterinarian for the South Dakota Animal Industry Board.  He tells Brownfield, “It’s a mixed poultry operation so there’s a mixture of turkeys and chickens. Overall, we’re looking at close to 50,000 total.”

Miller tells Brownfield poultry producers large and small should be watching for the signs of the disease. “The typical signs that we and other states have been seeing here this spring is a decrease in water consumption, and then obviously, birds dying at an increased rate and rather quickly.”

Miller says the one affected farm is in Southcentral South Dakota in Charles Mix County, next to the Missouri River and the Nebraska border. 

He says the storms Sunday hindered their depopulation efforts, but he expects depopulation to wrap up before Tuesday.

Assistant South Dakota State Veterinarian Dr. Mendel Miller discusses the state’s first case of high-path avian influenza this year with Brownfield’s Larry Lee 3/7/22