Soybean crush down in 2021


Soybean crush down in 2021

The USDA says 64,161,252 tons of soybeans were crushed in the U.S. in 2021. That’s a decline of 3% from 2020, due in part to higher soybean prices cutting into crush margins, but still 1.6 million tons above the 2019 total.

Crude soybean oil production was 25.207 billion pounds, 1% less than last year, with soybean cake and meal production at 47,192,928 tons, most of that for animal feed use, 1,449,768 below a year ago.

The January 2022 soybean crush was 194 million bushels, a decrease of 4 million on the month and 3 million on the year, with crude soybean oil and soybean meal production also down on the month and the year.

The USDA’s next soybean crush estimate is out March 9th.