January red meat production drops 5%


January red meat production drops 5%

Commercial red meat production during January was 4.56.1 billion pounds, falling 5% on the year. Processing slowdowns were an issue in some areas and the January 2021 numbers were still slightly skewed by processors clearing up backlogs of animals caused by the pandemic.

Beef production was 2.266 billion pounds, 2% lower, with processing also 2% lower at 2.703 million head, and the average live weight down a pound at 1,398 pounds.

The USDA says January’s dairy cow slaughter was 260,800 head, down 7,000 from December and 16,500 from January 2021.

Pork production was 2.28 billion pounds, a drop of 8%, with the slaughter declining 7% to 10.41 million head and average live weight losing a pound to 294 pounds.

The USDA’s next set of annual meat production projections is out March 9th.