Glyphosate shortage could impact cover crop termination


Glyphosate shortage could impact cover crop termination

Limited availability of certain herbicides could make cover crop termination more difficult this spring.

Angie Rieck-Hinz is a field agronomist with Iowa State University Extension.

“If glyphosate is really hard to get your hands on, what can we do to manage that cover crop? Can we reduce that glyphosate rate and (still) get that adequate termination? It’s possible.”

She tells Brownfield the cover crop needs to be actively growing to ensure the herbicide moves throughout the plant.

Rieck-Hinz says there are also other herbicide options.

“And I think people need to start making plans if they can’t get their glyphosate that they usually use for those cover crop burndown applications.”

One of the reasons glyphosate supplies are tight is because one of the raw ingredient suppliers recently suffered a mechanical failure.