Minnesota Extension crops educator offers ag input advice


Minnesota Extension crops educator offers ag input advice

An extension crops educator says arranging for agronomic inputs will be very important this year.

Dave Nicolai with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield growers are concerned about the price of nutrients and availability of crop protection products.

“There are certain products like Liberty or glufosinate that we know are going to be in tighter supply. Even glyphosate, knowing that we can’t maybe get the generics, maybe the U.S.-based. But arranging for that, make sure your name is on the list that your supplier does have availability so that you (will) have those products when they are available.”

For crop fertility, he says managing rates for P and K will be key.

“Did you (test soil) and did you check in lately with your crop advisor, supplier, and so forth on what you need on an individual field situation? Or, do you have a situation where you might not need it in a particular field if it’s testing high enough? Think about whether it’s a liquid or dry, if it’s going to be banded.”

Nicolai says a similar approach would work for nitrogen and he suggests “fine-tuning field-by-field” will pay dividends in 2022.