Minnesota Ag License Plate now available


Minnesota Ag License Plate now available

Specialized agricultural license plates are now available to Minnesotans.

Minnesota FFA Foundation executive director Val Aarsvold says it took four legislative sessions to make it happen.

“And during those four years of time though, what we really saw was people came out and said (they) wanted this and wanted to get behind it. So I think it really is the accumulation of many peoples’ efforts to make the plate a reality and available now.”

The cost is $15.50 for the plate itself and a minimum $20 contribution to be divided equally between the state FFA and 4-H.

“And that $20 is an annual renewal, so every year you’ll be supporting the valuable work of 4-H and FFA when you renew this plate.”

She tells Brownfield the design reflects nearly 100 sketches submitted by 4-H and FFA members.

“There’s a rising sun, which represents a new era in agriculture. And for those who have come through the FFA, you recognize that as part of the FFA opening ceremony. It also includes two sets of hands, which is a nod to both FFA and 4-H.”

Aarsvold says one set of hands is larger than the other to represent a difference in age and the mentoring that takes place in the two youth organizations.

She expects people to start seeing the Minnesota ag license plate on vehicles in the next couple of weeks.