Temps vary on the Plains; linger effects of recent storminess across the Corn Belt


Temps vary on the Plains; linger effects of recent storminess across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, snow is gradually ending across the lower Great Lakes region. Meanwhile, a new batch of light snow is overspreading the upper Great Lakes region. The remainder of the Midwest is experiencing cold, dry weather, although minor to moderate flooding is occurring along many rivers in the eastern Corn Belt, following Thursday’s winter storm. In the storm’s wake, a swath of fresh snow covers the ground from Missouri into the lower Great Lakes region. Friday morning’s low temperatures fell to near 0°F as far south as northern Missouri and central Illinois.

On the Plains, temperatures are rebounding, following the recent storm. Friday’s high temperatures could reach 60°F as far north as eastern Nebraska. However, some snow remains on the ground early Friday in Kansas and Oklahoma. Meanwhile, light snow and high winds are creating potential blizzard conditions in the Red River Valley of the North.

In the South, lingering warmth and rain showers are confined to portions of the Atlantic Coast States. Cool, dry, breezy weather covers the remainder of the region. Friday’s high temperatures will remain below 60°F in the western Gulf Coast region—but will reach 80°F or higher across the southern tip of Florida.

In the West, a protracted spell (7 consecutive weeks) of mostly dry weather has increased the likelihood of widespread drought continuing through the upcoming warm season, with implications for spring and summer runoff and water supply.