Economist says beef-on-dairy opportunities exist


Economist says beef-on-dairy opportunities exist

A livestock economist says the current beef market conditions can be an opportunity for dairy producers. 

Brenda Boetel is with the University of Wisconsin River Falls. She says, “Long term, yes. So as the herd cycle contracts, then the Holstein steers and the beef-on-dairy is going to have an increase in the beef production that we have availability for.”

Boetel tells Brownfield many dairy producers are already diversifying their operations. “What we are seeing is a lot of larger dairies and other dairies are breeding some of their cows to beef animals in the hopes that we can create a consistent product, similar to a Holstein, but that has the shape and confirmation and the ability to gain more similarly to a beef animal.”

Boetel says the beef-on-dairy is new to many producers, but they are learning quickly. “This is still a relatively immature practice but it’s gaining and we’re seeing quite a bit of that, and as that continues and as we get better at that, it’s going to have a greater impact.”

Brownfield interviewed Boetel during the recent Ag Outlook Forum at the University of Wisconsin Madison.