Vilsack on supply chain concerns


Vilsack on supply chain concerns

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says rising input costs and availability concerns are the result of a supply chain that wasn’t equipped to meet demand.

However, Vilsack says the supply chain wasn’t the only challenge, “You also have some countries that have imposed export controls. We have always taken the position, as a U.S. position, we don’t think export controls are a good idea. It inhibits trade, it does, but when there are export controls, that, in the face of heavy demand, creates a greater squeeze.”

And Vilsack says there are still a lot of unanswered questions about record input costs, “Ask questions about whether all of these increases, every penny of these increases, is justified based on disruptions based on supply, based on the normal economics of it. And if they’re not, then shame on anybody that’s trying to take advantage of this circumstance.”

Vilsack made his remarks during a fireside chat at the National Association of State Department of Agriculture’s Winter Policy meeting.