Illinois Corn Marketing Board eyeing potential ethanol export markets


Illinois Corn Marketing Board eyeing potential ethanol export markets

A Midwest corn group has their eye on several countries with the potential to begin or increase imports of US ethanol.

Mark Wilson, Chairman of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, tells Brownfield their prime target is our neighbor to the north.

“Look at Canada, right next door to us. They are trying to get up to E10 fuel and right now they are at E5 so there is a lot of potential to go to Canada.”

He says Japan is also a growing market after studies from the University of Chicago recently convinced energy officials to allow US ethanol imports.

“Right now they are doing ETBE, but they are also looking at moving into liquid ethanol, so that is a big one.”

And he says the list of countries looking to clean up the air through ethanol doesn’t stop there.

“India is our number two importer. Right now, they are around 7.64% but wanting to get up to E20. Indonesia has a 5% mandate, and they are using nothing right now.”

He says Illinois farmers are well positioned to take advantage of these markets.

“We have the river system right here with Marquis Energy, ADM, Alto and Great Plains – all of these ethanol plants positioned with terminals right along the river for exporting. I know Marquis in Hennepin exports pretty much all of their ethanol overseas.”

Wilson says every 2.88 gallons of exported ethanol equals one bushel of corn, so they see pursuing ethanol exports as a good investment of checkoff dollars.  

To hear more about ethanol export opportunities, listen to Wilson in this episode of IL Corn Connection.