Pig farmer says time for Swine Health Improvement Plan is now


Pig farmer says time for Swine Health Improvement Plan is now

A Minnesota pork producer calls the Swine Health Improvement Plan an idea whose time has come. 

Mark Schwartz of Schwartz Farms in Sleepy Eye participated in a seminar on the Swine Health Improvement Plan, which aims to establish a platform for safeguarding, improving, and representing the health status of swine across participating farm sites.

“We’ve been talking for 20 years about foreign animal disease, it’s not if but when. And we keep saying that, but really what have we done that will help our industry get through that or prevent that? Prevent it, number one. Get through it, number two.”

Speaking to Brownfield at Minnesota Pork Congress in Mankato Tuesday, he says individuals at land grant universities came up with the plan and industry stakeholders are on board.

“And based on their work, yes it’s time to move forward and use this as a tool in our industry to help us prevent an event. And if something happens, be able to respond quicker and more nimbly.”

SHIP is modeled after the National Poultry Improvement Plan and one of the initial objectives is to develop and implement an African swine fever monitored certification of U.S. pork production operations.