Illinois flour mill seeing effects of labor and trucking issues


Illinois flour mill seeing effects of labor and trucking issues

Mark Miller, Mennel Milling

The plant manager of an Illinois flour mill says, just like many industries, they are still working through labor and trucking shortages sparked by the pandemic.

Mark Miller runs Mennel Milling Company in Mt. Olive and tells Brownfield it has been especially hard the past year to fill positions.

“As far as people applying for jobs and showing up for interviews and actually come to work. We continue to see problems there. We are in a little better shape than we were six months ago, but we are always looking for new people and hopefully we can fill those positions and get back to where we really need to be.”

He says he has noticed the same labor shortages from the trucking company they use, but they have mostly been able to keep up.

“We have had some late loads delivered but for the most part we have been on time. We have never run anybody out of flour which is always the key – to keep them supplied and running.”

Miller says this situation is different than temporary labor issues he has seen in the past.

“I don’t remember ever seeing a situation where we’ve had trouble getting trucks, where they didn’t have drivers that were always looking for work and able to fill those needs. On the employee side I’ve never seen a situation quite like we are seeing now either.”

He says he is thankful the employees that do show up to work have stepped up to fill in the gaps, but he is ready to get those workers back to a normal schedule.

Brownfield interviewed Miller during the Illinois Wheat Association’s Annual Meeting in Mt. Vernon.