Addressing challenges in the ag industry


Addressing challenges in the ag industry

A strategic advisor with KCoe Isom is encouraging growers to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the agriculture industry.

Kala Jenkins says that starts with a strategy planning meeting.

“The strategy planning meeting is going to look at not just your short term, but your long term,” she says. “It’s going to say, for example, we may need to upgrade technology or look at changing our labor force or have someone come on and be our sustainability expert or our technology expert. We need to start working toward x, y, and z in the next couple months and the next year or so.”

From there, Jenkins says growers must act on those decisions.

“Out of those strategy planning meetings we need to execute on the decisions that we make,” she says. “I’ve seen too many times where we’ve planned something, or I’ve had marketing plans that have just sat on the shelf and have collected dust.”

She says partnering with experts will also be helpful.

“You know how to grow, plant, and how to do all of that. Some of you may be really good marketers. Some of you may be really good agronomists. Some of you may be really good HR specialists,” she says. “Don’t think you have to wear all seven hats all the time. Partner with the experts and advisors and ask them to help you through this.” 

Jenkins says ag policy and programs to keep an eye on in the coming months include implementation of the infrastructure bill, supply chain impacts, Waters of the U.S., carbon opportunities, and the 2023 Farm Bill process.