Tubergen Dairy Farm honored by MSU


Tubergen Dairy Farm honored by MSU

Tubergen Dairy Farm has been named this year’s Michigan State University Dairy Farmer of the Year.

Todd Tubergen manages herd health and milking operations for the farm.  He tells Brownfield dairying in Michigan has come with lower milk prices than other regions for the past several years which has caused more stress and forced efficiencies.

“And really be hyper-critical of a lot of the areas that are bringing in a lot of costs, especially feed,” he says.

Instead of milk production gains, the farm focuses on energy-corrected milk which reduces transportation costs but elevates milkfat and protein for increased premiums.

Brother Curt oversees the manure and cropping aspects of the farm and says using manure draglines has also improved efficiencies.

“We’re knocking like 600 to 1,000 trucks off the road every year,” he shares.

The family’s five-way partnership extends two generations and meeting weekly and quarterly has improved cross management and transparency for the business.

“We have a financial consultant there with us to review our performance over the prior quarter,” Todd says.

Longer-term, the family is interested in growing the farm onto another site if the right opportunity presents itself.

The Tubergen’s milk 1,500 cows and grow 1,800 acres of corn, alfalfa, and wheat in Ionia.