What will cost you more this year, herbicides or weeds?


What will cost you more this year, herbicides or weeds?

An Illinois farmer and visiting scholar of weed science at Purdue University warns other farmers herbicides are one thing they should not weed out while input costs are high.

Nick Harre of Nashville, IL tells Brownfield those who choose to limit herbicides to save money this year will end up losing more money from resulting weed pressure.

“The long-term benefits of a proactive weed control plan far outweigh any cost savings to be had in one year. This could be from maintaining low levels of herbicide resistant weeds in the soil seed bank, it also preserves and protects our crop yield.”

And with some herbicide ingredients in short supply, he says there are ways to cut costs without completely cutting out herbicides. He uses glyphosate for example:

“You can replace glyphosate in a soybean situation with another grass specific herbicide. Some of your ACCase inhibiting herbicides like Clethodim for example would be an alternative cheaper option in a year like this.”

He says while insect and diseases pressure vary from year to year, weed pressure is an annual problem and having a solid weed management plan every year is important.

Harre serves as District 17 Director of the Illinois Soybean Association and Brownfield interviewed him during the group’s Better Bean Series this week.