Vertically integrated Anheuser-Busch setting growers up for success


Vertically integrated Anheuser-Busch setting growers up for success

The only vertically integrated brewer in the U.S. continues to invest in the more than 700 barley, rice, and hops growers it works with.

Anheuser-Busch senior director of agronomy Kimberly Rogowski tells Brownfield the mission of her team is to be trusted crop advisors who source sustainable raw materials from skilled American farmers.

“Our job is to be those boots on the ground working with the growers, helping them be skilled, connected, (and) financially empowered. Working with them regenerative agriculture and soil health practices.”

Anheuser-Busch has an international research facility that she says uses industry-leading technology and data to create barley seeds engineered to withstand the major challenges farmers face.

“Accelerating the barley breeding process (by) using those genomics predictive analysis to make changes earlier in our crop management trials to ensure that the new varieties that we offer have higher yields at harvest, they use less water, and become more disease and pest-resistant.”

Rogowski says the company also convenes an annual grower advisory panel to gather feedback as well as share best and new farming practices, tools, and technology.