Expectations for a more neutral weather pattern


Expectations for a more neutral weather pattern

The meteorologist for CattleFax says he expects a more neutral weather pattern for the Corn Belt in 2022.

Matt Makens tells Brownfield it’s been two years of La Nina causing drought problems.  “It’s very rare for a third season of La Nina to come through,” he says.  “Is a three-peat possible?  Yes.  Is it likely?  No.”

Instead of expanding drought conditions, he says farmers can expect a slight shift.  “It will start to spread some moisture around the country in different pockets,” he says.  “It will also limit the temperature extremes around the country.”

As for weather during planting season?  Makens says the eastern portions of the Corn Belt will have better moisture than the western.  “Temperature-wise, we’re still going to have some bouts of cold,” he says.  “As far as precipitation, we kind of built some snowpack in the western areas that is going to be some water that can melt and be available to the soils.  And the eastern areas and southeastern areas is going to have some precipitation coming their way.”

Brownfield interviewed Makens during the recent 2022 Cattle Industry Convention in Houston, Texas.

AUDIO: Matt Makens, CattleFax