Don’t let input prices detour your yield goals


Don’t let input prices detour your yield goals

The Vice President of AgriMAXX Wheat Company is encouraging growers not to let high input prices overshadow their yield goals.

Matt Wehmeyer tells Brownfield input prices are top of mind for almost all their farmer customers, but the good news is commodity prices are trending higher too- especially for farmers who double crop beans following winter wheat.

“When we are running our budgets and see the inflated cost per acre, then look at commodity prices, they do offset those to a high degree with the price of wheat being almost $8 and new crop soybeans being over $14 already, we can lock in some very good margins assuming high yield.”

He says the key to profitability this year is giving both crops the inputs they need to optimize yield.

“And from the conversations I am having with growers they are sticking to the game plan, which is good to see. They are still striving to put their best foot forward with using the inputs that provide the best return on investment and go after another successful year.”

Brownfield interviewed Wehmeyer during the Illinois Soybean Association’s Better Bean Series in Mt. Vernon.

Interview with Matt Wehmeyer