Iowa House passes Biofuel Access Bill 82-10


Iowa House passes Biofuel Access Bill 82-10

The Iowa House passed the Biofuel Access Bill Wednesday on a vote of 82 to 10.

The legislation introduced by Governor Reynolds late last month aims to increase consumer access to higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association executive director Monte Shaw tells Brownfield the bill updates and expands the state’s biodiesel production tax credit and requires all fuel retailers with compatible infrastructure to offer E15 by 2026.

“I know that’s a little more controversial, but the state of Iowa’s economy and ag economy is so tied up into biofuels (that) if we don’t lead in moving the needle, why would anyone else?”

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor calls the bipartisan passage of the Biofuel Access Bill an exciting development in the move toward statewide E15 and in Iowa’s leadership in increasing access to higher blends of biofuels.

The legislation now moves to the Iowa Senate for consideration.