Are your inputs contained?


Are your inputs contained?

The Michigan Department of Agriculture is outlining requirements for farmers who have increased onsite storage of inputs.

Fertilizer and Bulk Agrichemical Storage Specialist Jarrod Fletcher tells Brownfield if a farm has their farmstead verified through the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, containment regulations have already been met.

“If they buy or store liquid fertilizer either in individual quantities greater than 2,500 gallons or a total quantity of 7,500 gallons, they would need to follow the requirements for regulation 642 which requires secondary containment around those tanks and an operational mix load pad,” he explains.

Fletcher says those containment efforts also protect farmers through the Right to Farm Act from nuisance complaints.

He adds the mixed load pads protect the environment in the event of a spill and allow farmers to collect and reuse products.

Brownfield interviewed Fletcher during the Great Lakes Crop Summit where he was a featured speaker.