RFA: ‘kicking the can down the road’ on latest EPA move with RFS


RFA: ‘kicking the can down the road’ on latest EPA move with RFS

A leader for the ethanol industry says EPA’s decision to extend the compliance deadline for the Renewable Fuel Standard creates more volatility in the industry.

Geoff Cooper is the president and CEO with the Renewable Fuels Association. “We’ve got a real period of turmoil here of the next several months and that’s why we’re urging EPA to get these standards finalized as quickly as possible.”

The agency announced Friday that it’s extending the compliance deadline for oil refiners and the rule-making process for 2019-2022.

Cooper tells Brownfield without a deadline, oil refineries can’t be held accountable for their required blending volumes. “If we don’t have deadlines that are known and firm, we are really going to struggle to implement this program in the way Congress intended so we are very frustrated.”

And, he says ethanol producers, farmers, fuel retailers and refiners need predictability. “If you provide the marketplace with advance notice on what their required blending volumes are going to be, then everyone knows,” Cooper says. Everybody knows what is expected and required.”

EPA says the extension will ensure refiners are able to meet RFS obligations after the details or the compliance year have been released.