Herbicide shortage spurring alternative options


Herbicide shortage spurring alternative options

A weed specialist says the shortage of herbicides this growing season will require farmers to make short-term management changes.

Michigan State University’s Christy Sprauge tells Brownfield this might be the season no-till and cover crop farmers use tillage to manage weeds.

“With especially Glyphosate being short, in those no-till situations it’s going to be a little bit more of a challenge trying to get a clean seedbed beforehand,” she explains.

With a wet, late end to fall harvest, Sprague says many fall herbicides were not able to be applied and now they’re not available.

“Make sure you’re out there early because when you start to notice things poking above the soybean canopy most of the time it’s too late,” she says.

Herbicide strategy meetings have been planned for the beginning of February across the state where Sprague will offer alternative solutions for weed control in 2022.