USDA urges applying for LFP drought help by 1/31


USDA urges applying for LFP drought help by 1/31

The USDA is urging farmers impacted by drought to apply for the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) through their Farm Service Agency offices by the January 31st deadline.

Robert Bonnie, Under Secretary of Farm Production and Conservation, tells Brownfield the program will help producers in the large parts of the country that were in a difficult drought last summer.

“The livestock forage program can help producers make up for lost forage and by paying a share of their losses, if they were in counties or areas heavily impacted by drought.”

Bonnie says it’s important to apply for the LFP by January 31st because those producers may also be eligible for additional resources from Congress for drought damages.

“We’re going to use existing data from producers to roll those resources out to provide payments. We want to do it in an easy and streamlined way for producers as can, we don’t want to have them submit information twice.”

Bonnie says the extra funds will come from the $10-Billion-dollars in disaster resources Congress appropriated last fall.

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