Farmer concerned about ag input access for ’22 season


Farmer concerned about ag input access for ’22 season

Access to agricultural inputs remains a concern for some farmers as the growing season inches closer.

Jim Douglas grows corn and soybeans in central Indiana and serves as chairman of the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

“At this point we haven’t made any changes to our cropping program yet. We don’t have all the supplies on hand and so that may change a little bit, but we’re hopeful we’ll be able to secure the chemicals. The fertilizer, I think is not as much of an issue of access as it is expensive, but the chemicals as they come down the line are in short supply.”

He tells Brownfield farmers will have to adjust plans as needed this season.

“You’re going to have to shift gears and maybe do some things you’re not used to doing or use products you’re not used to using,” he says. “It makes the most sense to secure inputs early, but retailers don’t have all of them so they’re in the same boat and there still may be a lot of shifting yet if they can’t get what you purchased.”

Brownfield interviewed Douglas during the Bacon Bar and Brunch at the Indiana Statehouse hosted by Indiana Corn Growers Association and Indiana Soybean Alliance.