General CRP sign up starts soon


General CRP sign up starts soon

The signup period for USDA’s general Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) begins soon – January 31st through March 11th.

USDA Under Secretary Robert Bonnie, for Farm Production and Conservation, tells Brownfield Ag News CRP is a really important voluntary program from a climate standpoint.

“On average, it sequesters or reduces emissions about equivalent – it’s about 19 Million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.”

And he says extra CRP incentives that the administration put in place last year will stay in place.

“Our hope is, is that we can get marginal lands in the program that can contribute to climate change (mitigation) and a whole lot of other benefits as well.”

Grasslands CRP signup dates will be April 4th through May 13th.

Producers and landowners enrolled 4.6 million acres into CRP signups in 2021, including 2.5 million acres in the largest Grassland CRP signup in history. There are currently 22.1 million acres enrolled, and FSA is aiming to reach the 25.5-million-acre cap statutorily set for fiscal year 2022. 

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