Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation supports beef industry youth


Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation supports beef industry youth

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation recently awarded more than 20 scholarships to youth interested in pursuing careers in the beef industry.  

Bill Tom, vice president of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, says it’s critical to support agricultural youth.

“For me personally, and I think it’s fair to say of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation and Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, one of the biggest reasons I do what I do is for the youth. We have to create a future for our business and for our industry and we have to create good stewards for our industry,” he says. “At the end of the day, beef is a highly sustainable and very nutritious product. It’s going to be needed to feed 9.5 billion people around the world and it’s going to be critical we have the best talent possible. Every year the agricultural industry is short tens of thousands of graduates needed to fill the open jobs. For me and the foundation and the organization, it’s critical we do our part here in Ohio, across the country, and abroad to fill those voids and make sure that our membership has a vibrant economy to market its product to.”

The foundation recently held its annual meeting to award 24 scholarships, made possible by donors from the Cattlemen’s Gala, sales from the Ohio beef license plates, funds raised from the putt-putt booth at the Ohio State Fair, and donors such as Saltwell Western Store, the Noah Cox memorial fund, and the Ohio Cattlewomen’s Association.

The 2021 Cattlemen’s Gala Scholarship recipients include Hannah Cochran, Franklin County; Megan Garrison, Belmont County; Kiley Holbrook, Fairfield County; Luke Jennings, Clermont County; Ellie Kidwell, Knox County; Meredith Oglesby, Highland County; Libby Strine, Marion County; Chloee Thomas, Miami County; Abigail Tooill, Fairfield County; Victoria Waits, Fayette County; Quinton Waits, Fayette County; and Katelynn Wallace, Miami County.

The Tagged for Greatness Scholarship recipients are Josh Dickson, Licking County; Makayla Feldner, Noble County; Sydney Kleman, Putnam County; and Autumn Scheiderer, Madison County.

The Cattlemen’s Country Club Scholarship recipients include Brandon Barr, Greene County; Owen Brinker, Wood County; Lana Grover, Highland County; and Maria Mcintosh, Champaign County.

Erin Pope of Gallia County is the recipient of the Noah Cox Memorial Scholarship.

Saltwell Expo Scholarship recipients are Shala Graham of Licking County and Luke Mckee of Knox County.

Cattlewomen’s Association Scholarship recipients include Caitlin Koschnick of Crawford County and Shelby Morehead of Portage County.