December poultry production down 2%


December poultry production down 2%

The USDA says 4.174 billion pounds of poultry were produced in December 2021, 2% less than December 2020.

That included 3.762 billion pounds of chicken, 1% lower, and 427.396 million pounds of turkey, down 9%.

The chicken slaughter was 1% lower at 772.65 million head, while the average live weight was fractionally lighter at 6.41 pounds, and the turkey slaughter declined 7% to 16.377 million head with a 2% loss in the average live weight at 32.73 pounds.

The preliminary 2021 poultry production total was 51.109 billion pounds, slightly more than the 2020 total, with the official total out February 25th.