Vilsack commits to improving milk pricing


Vilsack commits to improving milk pricing

Ranking member of the House Ag Committee Glenn G.T. Thompson of Pennsylvania pressed Ag Secretary Vilsack at a committee hearing this week for his commitment to help address issues within the nation’s Federal Milk Marketing Order.

“I think the system has long needed improvements for dairy farmers, I don’t think we can keep doing what we have been doing expecting different results when you look at the attrition and loss of dairy farms,” he says.

Vilsack says his agency has been using tools they have available today to help with unforeseen issues in milk pricing along with the pandemic.

“We will work collaboratively with the industry to try to improve,” he says.  “That’s one of the reasons why we recently announced the Supplemental Dairy Margin Assistance, the dairy payment through the Pandemic Market Volatility Assistance Program, and why we created the Dairy Donation Program.”  

Vilsack says the dairy industry needs a consensus opinion on a fix for the milk marketing order to be reformed.