Manure could provide crop farmers “best bang for their buck”


Manure could provide crop farmers “best bang for their buck”

The value of manure is being accentuated by high fertilizer prices.

University of Minnesota Extension specialist Melissa Wilson reminds crop farmers manure contains all the major nutrients and could provide the best bang for their buck.

“If you have fields that might be a little further away that you’d have to haul to, see if you can offset those costs with if you need more P and K at those fields. So thinking about where do you need the most nutrients and getting your manure there, and then coming back and fertilizing to balance those nutrients might be beneficial thinking about your pocketbook.”

She tells Brownfield farmers who are outsourcing manure need to ask for a nutrient analysis.

“Especially so they can think about planning for where they want it to be applied, and if they will need to balance with fertilizers for anything.”

Wilson also recommends asking about the potential costs of transporting and applying the manure.

Brownfield interviewed Wilson Wednesday during the MN Ag Expo in Mankato.