Clean Fuels Alliance America is seeking certainty in the Renewable Fuel Standard


Clean Fuels Alliance America is seeking certainty in the Renewable Fuel Standard

Clean Fuels Alliance America is urging the Environmental Protection Agency to restore certainty to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Kurt Kovarik, vice president of federal affairs, says the organization would like to see “the conversion of the program to the full authority of EPA to set volumes across all categories. They’ve been doing this for biodiesel since 2013 so it’s nothing new in our space but it provides us an opportunity to reengage EPA and hopefully get some long-term certainty for this program.”

Clean Fuels, formerly National Biodiesel Board, has expanded its vision to include renewable diesel and sustainably aviation fuels.

He says the industry needs long-term certainty.

“There is a lot of competing demands for the feedstock, whether it’s soybean oil, corn oil, or other varieties, and if we want people to develop additional feedstocks and we want soybean crush facilities to be in the United States rather than abroad, we need to know that we’re going to add value to that surplus and waste oils and fats for a long term,” he says. “You can’t build a new plant based on 6- or 12-months’ worth of policy. Longer-term is what Congress wanted. Congress wanted the renewable fuel standard to be a market driver to develop petroleum replacements from homegrown sources which is exactly what we’re doing and with a little bit of long-term certainty we’ll grow what Congress intended.”

A public comment period on the proposed biofuel blending volumes is open through February. Kovarik says Clean Fuels Alliance America will continue to engage with EPA in that process.

Brownfield interviewed Kovarik during the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo.