December beef production record large


December beef production record large

The USDA says December 2021 red meat production was down modestly from December 2020. The total of 4.783 billion pounds was down 1% on the year.

Beef production was record large for the month at 2.362 billion pounds, up 1% from the previous year at 2.824 million head, with a 1% rise in the slaughter and 3-pound gain for the average live weight to 1,392 pounds.

December’s dairy cow slaughter was 267,800 head, 22,500 more than in November, but 5,700 less than December 2020. The preliminary total for the 2021 dairy cow slaughter was 3.106 million head, 429,000 above the 2020 total.

Pork production was 2.404 billion pounds, 4% lower, with a 4% decrease in slaughter to 11.058 million head and two pound loss in the average live weight to 292 pounds.

The preliminary 2021 total for commercial red meat production was 55.802 billion pounds, slightly more than 2020’s all-time high, with the official figures out in April.