The National Biodiesel Board is now Clean Fuels Alliance America


The National Biodiesel Board is now Clean Fuels Alliance America

The National Biodiesel Board has unveiled a new name and brand: Clean Fuels Alliance America.

Clean Fuels Alliance America CEO Donnell Rehagen says the industry remains committed to biodiesel.  

“There’s been some concern, as we’ve talked about this rebranding, of moving on. We recognize how important the biodiesel brand has been and how important the National Biodiesel Board has been to developing that brand, that market, and that industry,” he says. “So, we want to make sure we recognize and continue to support that. We’re not turning our back on biodiesel, it’s going to be the foundational piece of our industry going forward. We still today see over 80 percent of the production in our membership is biodiesel so that mix may change over the years, but nothing is going to change about our commitment to biodiesel.”  

He says the organization has been folding in more fuels since it announced its industry vision of reaching six billion gallons by 2030.

“We said then, it would be biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuels,” he says.

The vision also states that biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable jet fuel will be recognized as mainstream low-carbon fuel options with superior performance and emission characteristics. And, with advancements in feedstock, the organization expects use to reach 15 gallons by 2050.

And, he says there is room for everyone.

“The family is getting bigger. We’re marketing multiple fuels, but not at the expense of our organization,” he says.

The organization is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Rehagen says the rebranding is a great way to kick off the years to come.

“This was a great stepping off point. We’ve been the National Biodiesel Board for 28 of those 30 years,” he says. “This is our chance to say we’ve had a great past and a really great run and we’re going to extend that run under this new name Clean Fuels Alliance America that is a little more open to all those other fuels. It’s a great opportunity”

The new brand was unveiled today during the opening session of the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo.

The event continues through Thursday.