Precision Planting launches first line of sprayer technology


Precision Planting launches first line of sprayer technology

Jason Stoller shows how vision based technology cameras distinguish between crops and weeds.

Precision Planting is entering the sprayer market with technology focused on improving operation and data collection.

Product Manager Jason Stoller tells Brownfield exploring ways to improve sprayer technology is a logical next step for Precision Planting because the sprayer has responsibility for over 25% of farm input that protect the planted crop.  

“The ability to manage inputs better, is one of the biggest profitability opportunities for the farmer and the sprayer is responsible for handling over 25% of farm inputs.”

During the company’s 2022 Winter Conference in Tremont, Illinois, Precision Planting introduced ReClaim, a boom priming and recirculation system, the Symphony Nozzle Control System and vision-based technologies powered by boom cameras and machine learning.

“We can help the farmer out in terms of operation through row guidance. That same vision technology can be used to adjust the rate you are spraying based on the weeds that are present which saves inputs. Plus, we can apply all of those aspects of vision technology on the sprayer you already have.”

Northeast Iowa farmer Carl Dodge had a positive reaction to the vision technology demonstrations.

“I think the vision sensors are unbelievable cool. To be able to sense where you are in relation to the row, keep your tires just between the rows even when going around curves and dog walking on hills trying to keep that sprayer from running over the crop, and reducing operator fatigue- that’s huge.”

More information about the new technologies from Precision Planting is available on the Brownfield Innovations page.

Interview with Jason Stoller