Kansas governor asks USDA for fairer disaster compensation


Kansas governor asks USDA for fairer disaster compensation

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is asking USDA to alter its disaster assistance programs for fairer compensation.

Cattle producers are continuing to recover from last month’s devastating wildfires and Kelly tells Brownfield USDA’s reimbursement rates aren’t reasonable. “One of the biggest issues they’ve got is the cost is replacing the fencing and livestock,” Kelly says. “We are working with the feds to see if they can redo their formula for reimbursement for these kinds of things so we can get closer to actual cost.”

As an example she says “We’ve got an estimate that it’s about $17,000 per mile to replace fencing and I think you get reimbursed at about $12,000 per mile or so,” she says. “We want them to recognize that it’s different now and we want them to come closer to that.”

For more information on disaster recovery, visit the Kansas Ag Department website.

Kelly spoke with reporters at the Kansas Soybean Expo in Topeka.