MO Cattlemen’s focus remains on eminent domain


MO Cattlemen’s focus remains on eminent domain

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is keeping its focus on private property rights this legislative session.

“We lost last year on the Grain Belt Express, just to be candid,” said the new MCA President Bruce Mershon.

But Mershon tells Brownfield issues on eminent domain laws remain within the state.

“We haven’t given up that,” he said. “And our intention is to band together with our partners and do a better job and get some changes made that enhance, for landowners, private property rights.”

Missouri Cattlemen’s Executive Vice President Mike Deering tells Brownfield eminent domain should only be used as a last resort.

“If eminent domain is truly needed and it’s intended to be used as a last resort, we have to make sure that private property rights are respected and that landowners are fairly compensated for that.”

Brownfield interviewed Mershon and Deering at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Annual Meeting Sunday.

Bruce Mershon Interview
Mike Deering Interview