Farmers acting now to secure crop protection products


Farmers acting now to secure crop protection products

Farmers are taking steps now to make sure they’ll have access to crop protection products in a timely manner.

Brent Johnson grows corn and soybeans in central Iowa and tells Brownfield he sat down with his supplier last week.

“We had that conversation about which herbicide packages are available, which ones might be available, and the cost structure around those is really out of line.”

The Iowa Farm Bureau president says he currently has a hold on one chemical package simply because he knew he could get it.

“But if another chemical package is able to be delivered, we’ve got that conversation to be able to switch. So we’re walking into all the planning stages, and how do you effectively put together next year’s plan with some of these questions that are unanswerable at this time?”

Johnson says the uncertainty is adding to the level of stress he’s feeling as the next growing season approaches.

Brownfield interviewed Johnson during the American Farm Bureau Convention in Atlanta this past weekend.