Small beef processor says the Biden action plan is good for cattle producers


Small beef processor says the Biden action plan is good for cattle producers

An independent beef processor says he thinks the Biden administration’s recently announced action plan for a fairer, more competitive livestock market is going to shed some light on some unsavory packer practices.

Patrick Robinette owns and operates North Carolina-based Micro-Summit Processors and chairs the US Cattlemen Association’s Independent Beef Processors committee.  “If animals are diverted away from the big four, the majors, then, what’s going to happen is they’re going to have to substitute with more import animals and more import product,” he says. “In return, it is going to expose that side of the business that they’ve been able to hide behind all the loopholes.”

 He tells Brownfield the action plan, which includes increasing competition in the marketplace, the intent to issue new “Product of the USA” labeling rules, and the new joint initiative for reporting concerns about potential violations of the competition laws, among other things, is a win, win for cattle producers and consumers. 

As for the action plan, Robinette says “I love it”.  “But, we also recognize that we are members of the cattlemen’s community,” he says.  “To see my neighbor’s going out of business, it is really hurtful. This (plan) opens up the doors of possibilities, and there’s a lot of options for them that are going to become available.”

Robinette says this is just the beginning, and cattle producers have to continue to push the administration to implement these changes.   

AUDIO: Patrick Robinette, independent processor and chairman of the US Cattlemen’s Association Independent Beef Processors committee