NCGA president outlines priorities


NCGA president outlines priorities

Taxes, Waters of the U.S., and infrastructure are top priorities for the National Corn Growers Association in 2022.

NCGA President Chris Edgington says there are concerns that estate tax provisions could be reconsidered by Congress.

“It looks like we’re not going to have any taxes on stepped up basis or inheritance, or 1031 exchanges,” he says. “But, until we get some real certainty and see that some of that stuff doesn’t happen over the next 60 days, that will continue to be a concern.”

He says farmers have a lot of capital investments tied up in their operations and estate tax provisions could impact family farms. 

“When things become at risk for being able to utilize some of the equity to help the next generation start farming, farmers get very concerned,” he says.

He tells Brownfield the decision to revise the definition of Waters of the U.S. is confusing for farmers.  

“There will be some discussions this winter on WOTUS. The EPA has got some listening sessions and testimonies as it tries to fine-tune some things inside WOTUS,” he says. “We’re pretty happy with where WOTUS is right now. We would just as soon see them move forward with the status quo, but we’ll see and we’re going to present our arguments on that.”

The EPA and Department of Army proposed re-establishing the pre-2015 definition while the agencies develop the new WOTUS rule.

Edgington says NCGA is looking forward to seeing improvements made because of the passage of the infrastructure law.  

“We need bridges to be replaced, we need locks and dams to be updated, we need railroads to be running efficiently, and we have a lot of activity that can be done in the ports as well,” he says. “This infrastructure law is a win we just need to make sure it gets moving forward and projects get the funding they need.”

Edgington, an Iowa farmer, says agricultural inputs and ethanol are also top of mind.