U.S. Supreme Court to review year-round E15 Friday


U.S. Supreme Court to review year-round E15 Friday

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider reviewing year-round E15 sales Friday. The potential case comes after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a Trump-era EPA rule allowing its year-round sale last July.

Missouri Corn Growers CEO Bradley Schad tells Brownfield he’d prefer it doesn’t go to the Supreme Court.

“We probably won’t get a good ruling there, if it goes that far,” he said. “But we’re working with our legislators in D.C. to see how we can go about moving forward with E15 sales year-round.”

He said several state governors, including Missouri’s Mike Parson – and governors of Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota – are looking to add an E15 waiver at the state level to allow E15 sales.

“That would be a good thing where we could see more E15 sales, we have an opportunity there,” Schad said. “We would rather see the waiver given to consumers for E15 – the same way that E10 does – but as long as it’s used the same way between E10 and E15, we’ll be happy with that.”

Schad said E15 availability will be the group’s top focus for the next couple of months.

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