NBB wants all 2016 lost gallons restored


NBB wants all 2016 lost gallons restored

The CEO of the National Biodiesel Board has asked the EPA to follow the D.C. Court’s explicit directive to restore lost biomass-based diesel gallons from 2016.

Donnell Rehagen testified before the EPA Tuesday saying the restoration of half of the lost 500-million gallons isn’t enough. He says it’s led to demand destruction along with EPA’s granting of retroactive Small Refinery Exemptions.

“You must understand our hesitation in trusting in good faith that we will see these remaining gallons in 2023.”

Rehagen says the biodiesel industry welcomes the proposed growth for 2022 but says EPA has improperly used reset to change the 2020 volumes and is long overdue in proposing 2023 volumes.

He says the industry has worked hard to meet Americans’ growing demand for better, cleaner fuels and is set for strong future growth, asking EPA to quickly propose 2023 volumes.

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